As a little girl I always had big dreams.  I never believed that anything I wanted to do was impossible.  What I did learn over time is that the only limitations that could be placed on me were the ones I chose to put on myself.  Throughout our lives we encounter people who  tell us why we can’t do something.  Parents do it to protect us, friends do it to shake some sense into us, and enemies do it just to see us try anyway and fail.  

The first time I was told that perhaps I didn’t have the ability to follow one of my dreams. I listened while growing intensely angry by the second.  When the man was finished I politely asked him to register me for every science class I would be eligible to take as a second semester freshman and when he was done I told him to have a nice day.

Fast forward many years into the future.  While he wasn’t right about college not being for everyone applying to me, I have learned that when one door is closed in your face another one always seems to open and usually the furniture in the room is way better!  I’ve had schemes and dreams, traveled to places I never had any inclination to go to, and have had the wonderful opportunity through teaching to inspire and touch the lives of young people to follow their own dreams and be the best person they can.

I love what I do and hope to continue inspiring young people to reach for the stars as the journey is far and wide and has such vastness around it to fill a lifetime.

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